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#ShootStyle : Top 4 Style Trends For Summer 2019

#ShootStyle : Top 4 Style Trends For Summer 2019

Hey Loves, It’s Lola Chél!


Welcome to Summer summertime! Feel free to read that and the voice of Will Smith. As we gear up for the 4th of July weekend I began to remember what this time of the year really means to me.

Hot days, warm nights, family reunions, beach days, hanging out with friends at night, these are all things that spark in my memory when I think about the summertime. As I got older though, I found other joys that come summertime. For example, everyone travels down South Florida for the summer! So you know what that means- party! Party! PARTY! Which means plenty of opportunities to dress up, cute, and possibly in the words of Gucci Mane- get wasted.

Summertime events and summertime fashion go hand-in-hand. The warm weather allows you to show off some skin, show creativity, and of course showcase your confidence. So for you ladies out there who have been trying to get your summer body right since winter just know your body is already summer-ready you just have to bring the style and the confidence! To help you ladies out, I'm giving you my top four trends for the 4th of July weekend. But don't think that this patriotic holiday's trends will end on July 5th. Feel free to use these amazing trends throughout summer 2019 to really make a statement!

Let's get slaying!

Animal Print

First up to bat for the summer 2019 Trends is animal print. It's so interesting how does Sprint has come to the Forefront up style for spring and summer of 2019. Whether it's on the runway or on your favorite Instagram model you've definitely come across it this season. The great news is animal print (leopard/cheetah print in particular), it's super easy to find no matter your price point, aesthetic, or size- there's definitely a way for you to get this trend into your closet this year.

Check out the trend and Shop it below.

Maxi Dresses

Next up to bat for the 2019 summer Trends is the beloved maxi dress. We all know through fashion, music, a pop culture the summer dress is always a staple for this season. And if you didn't know maxi dresses are the Holy Grail of summer dresses. The beautiful thing about this trend is that there's no one way to do a maxi dress. You can incorporate several Trends the summer into your maxi dress whether that be polka dots, floral print, or a statement all white maxi- there's no excuse for you not to place a maxi dress or two into your closet this season.

Check out and shop a few of my favorite maxi dresses below.

Bucket Hats

Now, as for the trend of bucket hats for the summer of 2019, I must honestly say I'm surprised! These hats were really popular in the urban community especially in South Florida two or three years ago. So see them have a resurgence in fashion is interesting, to say the least. I understand how functional and fashionable bucket hats can be so I completely understand if you want to slide a designer bucket hat into your summer wardrobe. For you ladies who aren't much of hat type of gals, don't worry I completely understand you! What I will say is just think of it as a trendy accessory or family trips and Beach days. Most importantly don't knock it until you've tried it!

Check out a few options for bucket hats and Shop them below.

Biker Shorts

Last but not least rounding out the top for summer trends for 2019 is biker shorts. I'm really happy about this trend because it's sporty, chic, creative, a multi-purpose. There are several ways biker shorts have crept into the summer trends of 2019. You can pair biker shorts with a Chic Blazer and even a pair of heels for a very corporate chic street look. You can add a crop top to biker shorts and really have a cute summery athleisure look. You can even take biker shorts neon and a really make a statement on the go. No matter how you want to rock biker shorts this season grab one or two pair for your closet just in case!

Feel free to check out and shop a few options below.

So there you have it: A True Celebration

What is your favorite part of this look? Let me know your choice in the comments below and be entered to win a free #ShootStyle piece 👇

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