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#ModelOfTheMonth : Tico Armand

#ModelOfTheMonth : Tico Armand

Hey Lovelies!

We are now getting into the last month of summer. To match the hottest month of the year I’m giving you a model of the month that can match the heat. The #ModelOfTheMonth for August is Tico Armand. A Haitian-American city hopper - Tico has residencies in Miami, New York, and Atlanta. If you really want to know what makes up such a magnificent model check out her full interview below!


What (Or Who) Encouraged You To Get Into Modeling?

I got into modeling by pure coincidence. I was the ultimate muse for a friend of mine that wanted to get into photography. It was my way of supporting his dreams of becoming a fashion photographer.


What Do You Consider Your Modeling Specialty? (Runway, Beauty, Swim, etc.) 

My modeling specialty are as follow and not according to order:

  • Beauty

  • Print

  • High fashion

What Are Your Goals For Modeling (Agency signing? Starting your own agency? Other?) And Have You Reached Any Of Them?

Wow, great question as I’m a firm believer of jotting down those goals and doing your part in attaining them. I always wanted to be one of the faces of a beauty/cosmetic brand campaign, I did that. I also wanted to be on a billboard, I scored a few times with that.

Now I ultimately want to open up a school to help young women with the daily struggles of self worth, acceptance and love. Playing dress up with makeup is worthless if you have not mastered self acceptance and love. This industry will crush you, turn you into something/someone you’re not and leave you bitter and lost.


What Was Your Best and Worst Modeling Experience/Memory?

’ve had so many highs in this industry that’s it’s unfair to name just one however if it boiled down to it, it would be the countless times we had fashion shows for kids bound to a hospital bed yet enjoyed being able to interact with models that understood the art of selflessness and were able to put a smile on these kids faces. 

As far as my worse experience, I’m grateful to say although there were times where things didn’t go as planned, I was always very fortunate to work with professionals that were quick on their feet to remedy the situation.


How Do You Balance Being A Model, MC, And Creative Director?  

Being an MC, Model, Creative Director and other avenues of my career path all fall within the same line. Now balancing mommy duties is the real challenge. Although I’ve become better at making quality decisions in knowing when to turn off the switch and be mommy. It’s still a struggle that I’m still fighting to better balance.


How Does Your Haitian Culture Factor Into Your Modeling Artistry?

I really appreciate this question and I see how my culture and who we are as Haitian ties in every time I have to deal with an issue that I feel is bigger than I am. As freedom fighters I carry that spirit with me which have propelled my visions to higher heights within the industry. I welcome every challenge with open arms and I focus on delivering excellence every time.

When You Graciously Accepted This Interview You Said Something That Stuck Out To Me- You Commended Me For Using My Platform To, "Pour Back Into The Community," How Do You Give Back To Your Community?   

I believe our sole purpose on earth is to be of service to one another. Unless you align what you do with also helping others along your journey you’re not aligned with your purpose. As many may know I’m a big advocate in the transparency and healing of woman. I’m part co-founder of an organization called ReRoute 2 Purpose where we help women go from trauma to triumph through realignment. We hold transformative brunches in different cities to aide in women healing. I’m a firm believer when you heal a woman you heal a community. I’m also an advocate for education and the humanities. I do countless work within my communities and the youth because I because I believe they are our biggest investment.


If You Could Sum Up Your Modeling Experience In Three Words, What Would They Be?


If I could sum up my modeling career in three words those words would be: Self acceptance, preservation and reliance. 

What's A Quote You Live By?

A quote I live by is my very own which is in my upcoming book: Don’t lose your softness young lady, you need it to grow.

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