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#ModelOfTheMonth : Nneka Ibeabuchi

#ModelOfTheMonth : Nneka Ibeabuchi

Hey There Loves!

Welcome to another #ModelOfTheMonth! For October we are tapping into the life of a very creative and visually stunning model. You may know or follow her on Instagram at @africanjawn - for those of you who don’t you should! This month we are going to focus on the life and journey of Nneka Ibeabuchi. Enjoy her full interview and self-deemed best visuals below!


What (Or Who) Encouraged You To Get Into Modeling?

No one really encouraged me, I always wanted to model and I put myself out there more. Waited till I was old enough to go to castings on my own cause my family was against it.

What Do You Consider Your Modeling Specialty? (Runway, Beauty, Swim, etc.) How Did This Or These Become Your Specialty?

My modeling specialties are, Beauty, fashion and runway.

What Are Your Goals For Modeling (Agency signing? Starting your own agency? Other?) And Have You Reached Any Of Them?

One of my goal is to get signed by a big agency and actually getting booked. I’m reached out to a couple and some have also reached out, but sometimes things don’t out. For now I’m freelancing and killing it.


What Was Your Best and Worst Modeling Experience/Memory?

I don’t have worst experience so far ( maybe getting No’s from agencies. But that makes me work harder ) every experience has been good, I learn something new everyday.

How Does Your Nigerian Culture Factor Into Your Modeling Artistry?

My Nigerian culture is not too happy about it, but life goes on haha !


How Did You Get Into Being A Creative Director And How Do You Balance Being A Model And A Creative Director?

I didn’t honestly know I would ever become a creative director, I moved to America and started getting in-touch with my creative side. I started putting random shoots together with a team and it would come to life. I always find time to create about from modeling, doesn’t really affect my time. I make time.

What Current Steps Are You Taking To Stride Toward Your Goal Of Owning And Operating Your Own Modeling Agency In Nigeria?

I don’t want to talk much about the agency in Nigeria yet, everything is still low key for soon.

You Have Talked About The Types Of Trials You've Faced Being A Black Model, What Are Some Pieces Of Advice You Could Give To Models Facing Adversity In This Industry?

The advice I always give to aspiring models growing in the industry is to, always be yourself. Don’t compare yourself to the next person. Their race is not your race. You’ll be at peace with yourself and focus more on perfecting your craft.

If You Could Sum Up Your Modeling Experience In Three Words, What Would They Be?

Three words? Haha, how about four ? ‘ I prayed for this.’

What's A Quote You Live By?

A quote I live by is:

‘ Walk by faith, not by sight.’

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