Who Is Lola Chél?

Lola Chél is a fashion and beauty model, style blogger, and live event +web series host.

Where Is Lola Chél?

Lola Chél is a Pompano Beach native. She moved to Miami in college when she attended Florida International University (FIU) for her undergraduate in Public Relations. After graduating she relocated back to Broward County to pursue her Master’s degree from FIU in Global Strategic Communication online. She now resides throughout South Florida.

What Has Lola Chél Done?

Lola Chél has had extensive employment in the public and private education sectors throughout South Florida. Through this career she was apple to gain people skills, adaptability to various audiences, attention to detail, the ability to add a personal connection when speaking to large groups, and most importantly patience.

She now enjoys being a full-time model, blogger, host, and entrepreneur.

Fun Facts About Lola Chél:

In her spare time Lola Chél loves traveling. Whether internationally or domestically, Lola loves experiencing new places and people. She’s never took a trip she hasn’t liked! She also loves to workout 3 to 5 times a week. From running at her local park to an at home boxing workout Lola makes sure to stay in shape. When she’s not traveling or working out she’s networking with other models to help educate them on the industry. She hosts free webinars and model meet ups to give back to up and coming models.

Last Bit About Lola Chél:

You’ll usually find Lola Chél at a Starbucks in her laptop, with her boyfriend Deonté out of town or on Instagram Live.



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