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Welcome Back To LolaChel.com !

Welcome Back To LolaChel.com !

I hope your 2019 is off to a phenomenal start!

I want to welcome you back to LolaChel.com and update you on all the new bells and whistles:

On Mondays:

We honor a #ModelOfTheMonth on the first Monday of every month. This will allow us to shed some light on a working model in the industry that will inspire you to keep going!

On our other #ModelMonday ‘s we will shed light on tips and trick that will help you elevate through the modeling and fashion industry.

On Wednesdays:

LolaChel.com will now be showcasing #ShootStyle . These segments will bring forth a look from a shoot that will give you inspiration for future shoots by way of styling, location, wardrobe, makeup, hair, props, aesthetics, and more!

On Fridays:

We are now giving you #FashionFridays . Due to popular demands I will take you behind the scenes on my shoots and offer you a look book of the styles that I rocked!

I hope that these new elements help you in your modeling journey all 2019!

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#ShootStyle : Pop Of Pink

#ShootStyle : Pop Of Pink

#ModelMonday: Commercial Modeling Tips: Insider Secrets to Success (Part 2)

#ModelMonday: Commercial Modeling Tips: Insider Secrets to Success (Part 2)